25 February 2012

in bloom

I've just arrived home after a week away at a conference and layovers in Richmond to spend time with the beau.  Aside from snuggling with the cats since my arrival home, I've been tending the plants and admiring their progress:  from the forsythia forced in a vase in the living room, to the orchid beginning to re-bloom in the spare room/office, and the 'christmas' cactus that has finally started bursting forth its reddish flowers on the windowsill in the kitchen, the whole house seems in bloom.

In celebration of some pretty fabulous weather the end of this past week, the beau and I enjoyed the first Pimm's cup of the season last night (a little premature, I realize, but it felt like summer yesterday).  No borage from the garden this time, but a slice of fresh orange coupled with the warm summer-like breeze was delicious.

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L. said...

I am very envious of your forsythia...not too mention the Pimm's cup! :D