12 January 2013

eating: january

Being January, and the start of a new year, I had high expectations for what I could accomplish this month.  Days off turned into lounging in bed days with some laundry and soup-making thrown in for good measure.  I don't love eating soup, but during these chilly winter days I do love making soup.  Plus, there is the bonus of having days of workday lunches ready to go in the freezer.

A big cauliflower bunch in the organic section at Wegman's was calling my name.  Add in some white Hayman sweet potatoes from the farmer's market for the warm and spicy Sweet Potato Cauliflower Soup from Manifest VeganHayman sweet potatoes are white in color, so the resulting soup was not light orange but instead was warm beige.  Maybe not the most photogenic, but quite tasty!

We've been struggling to stay in our grocery/dining out budget over the holidays and I am determined to make it work in January.  We have less than $100 left for the month, so I've warned the hubby that we'll be doing a "purge the pantry" set of recipes in the coming weeks.  Hush puppy mix.  Large jar of pear halves.  Oatmeal.

Challenge accepted.

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