04 October 2009

Eggplant blooms and random strangers

Oh what a beautiful day! I'm sitting on my front stoop, watching the cars go by, reading, and blogging. What a breeze! What sunshine! Can you tell I'm in a good mood?

I just got back from a brunch with a new set of girls I met through a MeetUp group and I had a really nice time. Since I pretty much haven't expanded my social circle since I moved here 2+ years ago, I figured it was time to try new things. So far, so good!

A bunch of D.C./Richmond friends and I had a group yard sale yesterday and it was a total bust. We put up signs, posted ads on Craigslist, and picked a spot with lots of through-traffic. I made 50 cents (almost everyone else made more, thankfully!). But, we did get a chance to catch up and gossip and just relax. So I guess it wasn't a total waste!

My eggplant-plant in the backyard garden has blooms! I don't know what this means, but it may mean that I'll have a fall round of eggplants? Could that be?!

I've met my backyard neighbor. The one who weed-wacked down my lilac plant earlier in the summer. He came over when I was mowing my grass on Friday and offered to edge my yard. What's a girl to do when a random stranger offers to do yard work for her? Hmmm... Well, hours later I had a manicured lawn and an indepth knowledge of his life from childhood to present. I think that's a good trade-off. I must bake him muffins or a cake or something as a thank you.

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Anonymous said...

How nice! Baking and Fall really go hand in hand. I'm making cobbler with the last of the blackberries I froze from the summer. Waiting for J. to get home so I can gobble it up.