11 October 2009

My new pink scarf

My newest buy at my cute local boutique, Simpatica, is my new obsession - a bright pink Michael Stars t-shirt scarf. I've been pretty much wearing it every day at work. It keeps my neck warm, is comfy (did I mention it was a t-shirt scarf?) and looks fabulous. What more could you want?

I just got back from a run-walk around the neighborhood. This is the perfect weather to be outside - not too hot, not too cold, just right. I've really missed the exercise and don't know how I got out of the habit. I never did that 5K I was talking about. I'm going to spend some time looking around online to see if there is one coming up. I think it would be a good baby step for me with my running. I am enjoying it more. Especially the hills. I love hills - you feel so pumped after you make it up one. In my current running route I purposely try to find hills to run. I love it when my iPod picks a Guns 'n' Roses song right when I'm about to head up that big hill.

The farmers' market yesterday was a little smaller than the weeks before. Plus my CSA farm wasn't there. I bought eggplants and a mum from one of the (non-organic) vendors, purposely buying the eggplants that looked more heirloom-y (if that's a word). It makes me sad to think that we're heading into the months where fresh local veggies are pretty much unavailable. I'm trying to offset that by having frozen some veggies over the summer and planting winter greens. But with the weird hot weather we've been having, my arugula doesn't look so good. Must go water...


A. said...

Love the pink scarf, I've been jonesing for a new fashion scarf myself!

I'm just getting back in to jogging, too, and am thinking about finding a 5K to sign up for. Hopefully we'll both find motivation to keep us going, especially as the days get shorter.

Anonymous said...

Cute scarf, Gretchen. Are you ever on FB anymore? Please tell me your FB disconnect is due to exciting work project, world travel, or whirlwind romance! I sent you an invite to our bonfire party, which I know you won't make because we're 3 hours away, but nonetheless, would be nice to know you are still alive!