01 January 2010

clean sweep

Happy 2010 to all. Some girlfriends and I painted the town last night. For the occasion I dug out the eyelash curler, teased the hair, and dolled myself up. The theme was James Bond. My secret identity: Domino, complete with teased up-do. The aftermath: bobby pins and eyeliner galore.

I thought it would be a horrific cleanup. But with my new Body Shop camomile gentle eye makeup remover it was a two-cotton ball endeavor. A successful end to a great night!

Now with the new year here it's the normal time to make resolutions and what-not. But instead I've enjoyed a lazy day of laundry and Bridget Jones (who starts the movie on New Years Day in her 32nd year of being single - very appropriate).


T. said...

So fun! You have to post a photo!!

Helen said...

I was wondering who you decided to go as....sounds like you had fun!