13 October 2011

like a peacock

I'm having a difficult day.  Well, I'm having a day that is the first of many that I anticipate to stress me out a bit and make me want to drink vast quantities of red wine.  It is all work related, and while I can say it is 'just a job,' those in the non-profit world know that it is never just a job in our world.  You do it because you love it and because you believe it matters.  But I'm trying to keep my head above water and not let it get me down and realize that I don't need to take it personally.  Keep it in perspective, you know?  Be like a duck and let things just roll off me (or a peacock if you are a bit more dramatic).

So I'm thinking of all the good things I have in my life:  A loving family that is relatively (knock wood) healthy.  A wonderful set of friends that make me laugh and allow me to crash in and out of their lives.  A relationship with a boy who makes me happy.  A pair of cats that are always getting in trouble.  A roof over my head.  Oh, and a box of red wine in the fridge (that my grandmother, bless her heart, passed along to me) and some Tofutti Cutie sandwiches in the freezer.

I've been going through my England/Wales pictures today.  Trying to piece together a 20-minute presentation for our board meeting.  Hard to edit down such an incredible trip, and I'm discovering some really great pictures that make me so happy.  So beware, gentle readers, you have been warned.  More pictures to come...today from the incredible gardens at Powis Castle, Wales.


Cathy said...

we are non profit employees because we would never want work to be just a job. hang in there. it always gets better eventually.

L. said...

One of my regrets is having never met your grandma...she is definitely one of a kind!

If you ever need to take a break from the drudgery of work, give me a call--a skype date with Sammy should do the trick! :D

Mommy, Esq. said...

Hang in there and remember you are excellent at what you do and a very capable woman generally. Love, Mommy, Esq.

JBR said...

I second the "hang in there" comment and have no doubt you'll come through w/ flying colors. (When training guides, I used to tell them "Be like a duck -- calm on exterior but paddling like heck under the surface.") Hope you can enjoy weekend.