23 May 2012

on the stoop

It is Wednesday morning and I am sitting leisurely at my kitchen table at 7:42am, sipping coffee and catching up on blogs.  While I do not love working weekends about once a month, I do love a mid-week break or a long weekend with the resulting comp day.  Today the beau and I are both off work and heading up to D.C. to catch lunch with one of my college girlfriends who is briefly in town.  Such a nice treat.

And it is a beautiful morning to have time to putter about.  The birds are singing, sun is shining, and I'm ignoring the layer of dust I can see on the shelf above the table.  Ignorance is bliss.

Last night when I got home from dinner with friends, I grabbed a beer (Magic Hat Elder Betty) and sat on the stoop for a while.  When we were kids and visiting my great-grandmother/grandmother/great uncle (as they all lived next door to each other) for the summer, we'd sit on Mom-Mom's front porch and watch the cars go by.  I do love sitting watching cars go by and last night was no exception.

We've gotten to a bit of a dilemma.  My job is rather distant from my current house and even further from the beau's house.  But we don't want to live anywhere in between (since in between is middle-of-nowhere).  So the choice is my city or his city.  And I thought my boss would help decide by telling me that I either a) could or b) couldn't telecommute more often in order to live further away.  But instead my boss said he was open to all possibilities and we'd somehow make it work.  And that he valued me.  It was a wonderful, caring conversation.  That helped in no way other than to solidify how much I enjoy working for my boss.  So the ball is back in our court, which I guess is where it should be.  We have to make this decision, despite there being no easy answer.

So I sat outside, in my flip-flops, with a beer, and watched the cars go by...


T. said...

Beer, huh? And Magic Hat, no less!! And you said a while back that you weren't a beer girl :-)

JBR said...

Many best wishes for your decision. Both cities have much to recommend them. Congrats on praise/support from your boss (tho' not surprising).